Pre-purchase Inspections

When you buy a new or second-hand vehicle, it’s hard to pinpoint any specific faults without trained experience. We understand this, which is why our expert mechanics offer a professional pre-purchase inspection service, so you can buy with confidence knowing your next vehicle is not a lemon.

What’s included in our pre-purchase inspection service?

  • Detection of engine faults using sophisticated diagnostic tools.
  • Interior checks including air conditioning and heating, seatbelts, horn, locks, lights, warning lights and more.
  • Checking the paintwork for signs of previous damage due to accidents or natural disasters.
  • Visual inspection to check for signs of rust and suspension issues.
  • Driving the vehicle to check brakes, engine, exhaust, steering, suspension, tyres and more.
At Dyno-Mech Car Care Services, we do a thorough job of inspecting any vehicle you are interested in by employing advanced methods to detect vehicle issues – giving you complete peace of mind before you make any large payments. All inspections are conducted onsite by our licensed and qualified mechanics.

If you need a pre-purchase vehicle inspection to unlock any hidden defects, contact us today.