Logbook Servicing

When you purchase a new vehicle, you want to make sure that your car warranty remains intact for the entire period.

At Dyno-Mech Car Care Services, our fully qualified team will service your vehicle while ensuring your warranty is not voided. We perform high-quality service and retain the warranty on your car through logbook servicing. A logbook service is designed to take care of your vehicle as intended by your vehicle’s manufacturer – ensuring you get your servicing done for a fraction of the cost without voiding your warranty.

It typically includes:

  • Changing engine oils and oil filters
  • Inspecting and adjusting brakes
  • Steering and suspension checks
  • 40-point vehicle inspection
  • Check and top up all fluids
  • Check battery, tyre pressure, fan belts, lights and radiator hoses
  • Wiper blades and cabin air filter checks

This will depend on what is specified by your manufacturer. Our qualified technicians provide logbook servicing for every make and model no matter what you own.

If you need logbook servicing, give us a call to see how we can help.

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