Dyno Tuning

At Dyno-Mech Car Care Services, we use the latest diagnostic tools that are capable of scanning all makes and models. Using this latest technology, we are able to diagnose and repair any fault your vehicle presents quickly and efficiently – reducing any inconvenience you face and getting you up and running in no time.

Modern vehicles today are fitted with complex computers that deliver a raft of superior safety, convenience and performance features. If something goes wrong, a fault code is then sent to your dashboard, which triggers the engine light. You cannot afford to ignore these fault lights because they are signs of potential dangerous issues within your vehicle that need immediate attention. Some faults are so critical that you can cause significant damage if you continue to drive.

Instead of waiting until it’s too late, bring your vehicle over to us so we can use sophisticated tools and technology to identify and help you solve the problem. Our diagnostic technology produces reports on all faults identified, which we will provide so you can see for yourself what the issue is. We then discuss the problem and recommend the best solution to help you make an informed decision.

If you are not sure what to do or if any light has come on in your vehicle, give the experts at Dyno-Mech Car Care Services a call and we will take you through your options.