Oil & Filter Change

Changing your oil and filters regularly is one of the best ways to optimise the performance of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly for longer. Oil is important to lubricate and reduce friction between different engine components. Since your engine will also generate a tremendous amount of heat while operating, the oil circulating within the engine also acts as a cooling agent.

Oil is important to absorb all the harmful particles formed during combustion, which then gets directed to the oil filter. This filter keeps out the debris to retain clean oil within the engine. Your engine’s oil and oil filter work together to keep your vehicle operating at an optimal level. If you fail to change the oil and filter regularly, the performance of your engine will be compromised, which could result in more expensive damage later. Dyno-Mech Car Care Services will replace your engine’s oil and oil filter, while re-lubricating the chassis and other components of the vehicle to the standards set by the manufacturer.

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