Brake Service

A brake problem can be incredibly dangerous, which means you should stop driving immediately until it is fixed. Brakes can either pull the vehicle to one side; cause your steering wheel to shake; or something else that needs immediate professional intervention.

Brakes tend to wear out over time and use, which many car owners fail to realise until it is too late. Put simply, under-performing brakes are unsafe because they do not stop your vehicle like before. If your clutch or brake isn’t responding, there’s the real danger of a life-threatening vehicle crash.

At a regular service with Dyno-Mech Car Care Services, we check your brakes and clutch to make sure they are efficient and functional to keep you safe on the road. We can machine rotors to help extend their lifespan instead of always having to replace them – bringing them back to near-new functionality.

If you notice any issues yourself, it’s important to work with a trusted professional like us, so we can help you with a reliable and safe solution. We repair your brakes using only genuine parts and components from the most trusted brands, giving you complete peace of mind.

Having a problem with your brakes or clutch? Worried it’s not functioning as efficiently as before? Contact us today to schedule an inspection.