Exhaust Repairs

Your exhaust system, just like many parts of your vehicle, needs maintenance and repairs. If it makes a louder sound than usual, it could be because of a problem within the system.

Some signs of an exhaust problem include:

  • Car sounds louder than normal
  • Exhaust rattles
  • Decreased acceleration and power
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Burning smell from engine
  • Exhaust pipe dragging on the ground

While these are obvious, some exhaust system problems may be subtler. At the end of the day, any problem with your exhaust will have a direct impact on your vehicle’s performance. That’s why you need a specialist like Dyno-Mech Car Care Services. Our fully qualified mechanics will repair your existing exhaust or supply and fit an exhaust for all makes and models.

If you need to check your current exhaust system or need a new one, call us today.